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The Parana River flows from the southern mountains of Brazil and creates the second largest basin in South America after the Amazon, and becomes an alluvial delta (a flood plain) between the provinces of Entre Ríos, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires before emptying into the Rio de la Plata. The Delta encompasses about 14,000 square kilometres (5,400 sq mi) and creates a subtropical net of islands, wetlands and humid forests that reaches the suburbs of Buenos Aires and hosting an interesting variety of birds. In less than 1 hour ride by car and by boat you can reach the Delta's heart and observe giant wood-rails, southern screamers, white-necked herons, pinnated bitterns, roseate spoonbills, snail kites, Brazilian ducks, several species of cuckoos, tropical screech-owls, Amazon kingfishers, yellow-throated spinetails, the tropical parula, pied water-tyrant, the diademed tanager and the indigo grosbeak, among many others. During our trips to the Parana Delta we stay in a special lodge that is a paradise for several species of hummingbirds and tanagers. Don't miss it!

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