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Brazil is a country of continental dimensions with extreme biodiversity. It encompasses nearly half of South America and is the fifth largest country in the world. Around nine-tenths of the country are situated between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil has 12,000 km of borders with Spanish speaking countries (all South American countries except for Chile and Ecuador).
Although Brazil is worldwide known for its paradise-like beaches along a littoral of more than 7,200 km, the most colorful and spectacular Carnival on Earth, the varied and appealing music, its beautiful and charming women and the warmth of its people, this vast country is also synonymous of nature wonders.

The Amazon Rainforest, shared with other South American nations, covers more than 40% of the country and hosts probably the World’s biggest biological diversity. The most diverse tropical savannahs, the "Cerrados" are also found in Brazil, and is the second largest habitat after the Amazon, being home of giant anteaters, macaws, tapirs, armadillos, maned wolves, Pampa's deer, white-lipped peccaries, jaguars and more than 550 bird species.
Brazil is also famous for the Pantanal, one of the biggest seasonal wetlands on Earth, habitat of a surprising diversity of wildlife and a paradise for birdwatchers and for nature photographers alike.

The country also offers spectacular tablelands along the Brazilian Plateau (Locally known as "chapadas"), and the largest system of caves and caverns on Earth, many of them with enormous inner lakes.

Exuberant nature all over the country, a surprising wildlife with more than 1800 bird species, charming towns and villages from colonial times, fascinating celebrations with vivid music all year round, its charming and warm people, are some of the reasons that transform Brazil in one of the most fascinating countries of Latin America.

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