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Wildlife and landscapes of the Brazilian Savannahs

The tropical Brazilian savannahs, locally known as “Cerrados”, are the largest biome of the country after the Amazon, encompassing about 740,000 square miles of Brazil, also with a small part in Bolivia and Paraguay.

Occupying fully one quarter of Brazil, the Cerrado is a distinctive Brazilian habitat as well as one of the planet’s biologically richest savannahs. But the Cerrado is not a uniform savannah: its plateau is a major source of water for the three main basins of Brazil: the Amazon, the Parana and the São Francisco. It is also dotted with extensive grasslands, palm groves, spectacular tablelands and limestone formations and one of the largest cave systems on Earth.

To date, approximately 694 bird species have been found in the southern and central Cerrado, of which 51 are endemic to Brazil and 33 almost endemic. The plant diversity is even higher: 4400 of the Cerrado’s plant species are found only here.

The Cerrado is also home for a surprising diversity of mammals and, together with the Pantanal, offers some the best places in South America to observe and photograph them. Maned wolves, white-lipped and collared peccaries, giant anteaters, Brazilian tapirs, Pampas’ deer, agoutis, several species of primates, ocelots, and even the elusive jaguar can be seen in this habitat.

We offer you different tours to the Cerrado’s paradises, such as Bonito, a fantastic region close to Campo Grande, where you will be amazed by a great diversity of wildlife and landscapes, to Chapada dos Guimarães National Park, a stunning group of tablelands close to Cuiabá and northern Pantanal, and to Das Emas National Park, one of the biological jewels of Central Brazil, a paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers!

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