Birding in the Pampas



Buenos Aires


September to April


3 days


Day 1: Drive from Buenos Aires to San Clemente del Tuyú with stops in Boca del Salado and nearby wetlands.
Day 2: Birding in Punta Rasa, visiting “cangrejales” or “crab-lands”, mudflats and coastal areas.
Day 3: Visit the grasslands, tala woods and wetlands of Cañada del Palenque. Return to Buenos Aires.

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Tour description

At about 350 km southwards of Buenos Aires city we find one of the richest ornithological areas of the Pampas, known as “Salado River Depression”, where an endless chain of wetlands, lakes and channels flow towards the Atlantic Ocean, altering with grasslands, mudflats and tala woods providing habitat for a surprising diversity and concentration of birds, both residents and migratory.

We invite you to visit with us the vast wetlands close to San Clemente del Tuyú and Boca del Salado, as well as the mudflats and Punta Rasa, a Ramsar Site that concentrates tens of thousands of migrants from the Northern Hemisphere during our springtime and summer, combined with the vast grasslands and wetlands of Cañadón del Palenque, an IBA area famous for its diversity of Pampas' birds.

Among the species to be observed we can mention greater rheas, spotted and red-winged tinamous, southern screamers, maguari storks, the Hudson’s canastero, white-faced ibis, silver teals, South American painted snipes, Olrog’s gulls, band-winged nightjars, common miners, pale-breasted spinetails, vermillion flycatchers, red-crested cardinals and great Pampa finches, among many others.

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