Otamendi Reserve and Southern Entre Rios



Buenos Aires


All year around


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Tour description

At less than 1 hour drive northwards from Buenos Aires the Otamendi National Reserve, located between the Parana River and and the Pampas' sedimentary gullies encompassing over 2,600 ha, protects wetlands, grasslands, riverside forests and dry woods, hosting a wide array of birdlife. In Otamendi we can observe birds such as the very local and rare straight-billed reedhaunter, plus dark-throated and rusty-collared seedeaters, southern screamers, spectacled tyrants, great Pampa finches, South American stilts and rufescent tiger-herons among many other species.

We will continue our drive to the south of the province of Entre Rios, and after crossing the Parana River we will explore a big mosaic of habitats that include subtropical marshes, savannahs and “ñandubay” woods that host species such as the savannah hawks, red-winged tinamous, white woodpeckers, scimitar-billed woodcreepers, greater rheas, red-crested cardinals, white woodpeckers and ultramarine grossbeaks. The wetlands and habitats around Villa Paranacito are probably the best birding sites of the region, where we will observe more species such as wattled jacanas, big numbers of snail kites, maguari storks, ringed teals, green kingfishers, dark-billed cuckoo, long-tailed reed-finch, scarlet-headed blackbirds, chotoy spinetail, black-backed water-tyrant, warbling doradito and dozens more.

A birding paradise not far from Buenos Aires!

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