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Tour description

The elegant Palermo district, in the northeast of the city, hosts the largest and most beautiful urban parks in Buenos Aires, some of them very old and planned more than a hundred years ago, such as the Rosedal or “Roses’ Garden”, as well as vast forested areas and some big artificial lakes. But very few people know is that these places shelter a wide variety of native birds, including a colony of 3 species of egrets: the great egret, snowy egret and black-crowned night heron.

Our birding and photo tour will also enable you to observe and photograph many other species such as white-tufted grebes, red-crested cardinals, striated herons, golden-breasted woodpeckers, monk and black-hooded parakeets, silver teals, narrow-billed woodcreepers, roadside hawks and several species of flycatchers and finches in the copses, clearings and ponds of the urban parks.

Due to its proximity to Palermo, this tour can be combined with a visit to the nearby Parque de los Niños (The Children’s Park), a riverside savannah-like park that attracts in our springtime and summer southern lapwings, golden-breasted woodpeckers, campo flickers, crested and chimango caracaras, vermillion flycatchers and several species of parrots and parakeets, among many other species, and of course, with the spectacular Costanera Sur Ecological Preserve.

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